Life is Strange developer’s new game brings 90s nostalgia

The developers of Life is Strange, Don’t Nod Montreal have recently released an image teasing their upcoming game. 

It has been a while since we have received an update from Don’t Nod on their future releases. That changed when an image was posted to their Twitter account featuring a very 90s-esque setting. “Does it bring back childhood memories?” the post asks.

The image in question features a now vintage looking games console (looking remarkably like the Super Nintendo). It is hooked up to a CRT television complete with VCR. To the left we can see game cartridges and VHS tapes. Overall, it is giving strong nostalgic vibes.

The image also features a packet of sweets (or candy for our American viewers) that have a resemblance to Starburst. However, the packaging is labelled ‘EPOP’, the French word for epic.

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This could be a nod (no pun intended) to Don’t Nod being based in Paris and Montréal based part of the French speaking region of Canada. Either way, the sweets and the wood panelling with the overall feel of the image are taking me back to a distant past (and making me feel very old). 

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The Tweet also puts out a call about job vacancies in their Montréal team. After some research, none of these openings can hint at what the game may be about. However, with their much-loved titles such as Life is Strange and Tell Me Why being character-driven narratives, it is safe to assume that this title will follow suit. 

Credit: Don’t Nod

Until then, Don’t Nod has been working on an action RPG called Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden which is set to be released later this year. The story follows a pair of former ghost hunters who set off on a journey to find the cure for a curse that turned one of them into a spirit. 

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