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Life-Size ‘Tall Lady’ Cut-Outs Are Being Used To Sell Resident Evil Village

Capcom is using life-size cut-outs of Lady Dimitrescu to advertise the upcoming Resident Evil Village.

We saw glimpses of the “Tall Lady” in various Resident Evil Village trailers, but it wasn’t until the January 2021 gameplay showcase reveal that we really got a glimpse of who – or what – Lady Dimitrescu a.k.a the “Tall Lady” is.

vampire re 8
Credit: Capcom

When we saw her crouch through that door, she made it look tiny but as it turned out, Lady Dimitrescu was just really tall, hence the nickname.

The internet went into a frenzy over Lady Dimitrescu, with some people even wanting the oversized vampiric vixen to step on them. We were also treated to some funny memes and some fantastic cosplay of the Resident Evil newbie.

However, this latest piece of Lady Dimitrescu goodness might send the internet into a frenzy once more, because you can now invite this vampire into your home, well, kinda.

It’s common for video game retailers to use cardboard cut-outs to advertise big upcoming releases and it’s not uncommon for customers to put their names down for the cut-out once the retail shop is done with them.

re 8 cut out
Credit: Capcom/Twitter:AlphaOmegaSin

Some Japanese video game retailers are actually using life-sized Lady Dimitrescu cardboard cut-outs to advertise Resident Evil Village. 

Now can you imagine the excitement (and panic) of customers trying to claim this life-sized cut-out to take home? Worst still, can you imagine the size of the paper cuts? Ouch!

An image of the life-sized Lady Dimitrescu in stores was shared on Twitter by AlphaOmegaSin.

Damn Japan really out here with life-size Lady Dimitrescu displays to promote Resident Evil Village,” said the Twitter user.

Personally, I’m not sure if we’ll see a Lady Dimitrescu in retail stores in the West, especially with the current global pandemic still at large.  

However, I imagine this particular standee will be one hell of a treasured piece for Resident Evil collectors.

resident evil village vampire
Credit: Capcom

Resident Evil Village will release for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia on May 7th.

If you’ve not pre-ordered a copy of Resident Evil Village yet, you can reserve your copy at the GameByte shop and you’ll even bag yourself a snazzy Lenticular Sleeve!

Featured Image Credit: Capcom/Twitter:AlphaOmegaSin