Livestreamer Catches Store Employee Throwing A Dog On Stream

A pet store employee has been fired after a livestreamer caught them throwing a dog during a stream.

Twitch streamer RIPRoyce was recording herself playing with rescue dogs in a pet store in Los Angeles, California when the incident was captured.

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From the looks of things, one of the dogs the streamer is recording bites one of the smaller puppers. Reacting to the situation, the employee picks up the biting dog and throws it.


According to RIPRoyce [via Dexerto], the dog was thrown hard enough to make an audible sound when landing, though this isn’t captured on the video. RIPRoyce claims it was the pup’s head hitting the floor.

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The dog then took refuge under a bench, where streamer RIPRoyce tried to comfort it, along with others in the store at the time. If you want to watch the clip you can do so right here on Twitch. I’d like to point out that this is a horrible, horrible incident, and if you’re sensitive to things like this then do not watch it.

As the clip made the rounds on social media, store owner Shannon von Roemer issued a statement in a video uploaded to Facebook.

Greekgodx banned
Credit: Twitch

She says: “There was a horrific incident, intolerable incident, which happened at the shop tonight. Thanks to everybody who has reached out with their concerns, because it’s definitely a big concern of mine also.

“This is a first, rest assured that all actions will be taken to make sure this doesn’t happen again, the employee is no longer with us, and the dog is doing fine and went to the vet.”

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In a later Instagram post, von Roemer added that the store and its staff would “not tolerate this or any actions that put our rescues in harms way.”


The dog was taken to the vets where it was declared fit and well.

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