Logitech G’s New Mouse Is The Next Level Of Wireless Gaming

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How quick is your mouse? We all know how annoying lag is, so getting the best PC gaming equipment possible is paramount to how successful you are.

Logitech G has released a which tests your reflexes, and that of your mouse. Here at GameByte, we challenged a bunch of noobs to see how well they could do on the game, but with the new G502 LIGHTSPEED wireless gaming mouse.

Surprisingly, they absolutely smashed it. Check out how they did here.

If a bunch of noobs can get 200k in that game, imagine what you could do?! The G502 is well-known for being one of the best gaming mice around, but Logitech G has stepped up its game with the LIGHTSPEED. It’s one of the world’s most advanced wireless gaming mice.

Its weight has been reduced by seven grams, as well as having the next-generation HERO 16K sensor and being POWERPLAY compatible.

In terms of the Next-gen HERO 16K gaming sensor, it’s capable of 400+ IPS tracking speed across the entire 16,000 DPI range and up to 10x the power efficiency compared to previous generations.

Logitech G say that the result is their highest performance and most responsive gaming sensor to date, which also unlocks weight reduction due to super-efficient battery size and performance ratio.

Plus, it can be wirelessly charged with the charging mouse mat that you can also purchase. So you’ll never run out of battery ever again. It’s charging when you play, and charging when you’re not. Incredible.

The LIGHTSPEED has kept the G502’s classic shape, but seven grams lighter.

It kind of goes without saying, but it also has Logitech G’s signature LIGHTSYNC technology. In case you haven’t heard of it, it’s the next generation RGB that is driven by games, audio, or your screen. So the lights compliment your gaming perfectly.

They have a full spectrum of approximately 16.8 million colours and you can synchronise lighting animations and effects with your other Logitech G devices.

You can get one for £129.99 (with free shipping) here.

Part of a paid partnership with Logitech G