Ninja Has Been Mysteriously Banned From Apex Legends

It appears as though the one and only Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has been banned from Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale game, Apex Legends. Interestingly, no-one’s really sure as to why he’s been slapped with a ban – including Ninja himself.

It actually seems as though Ninja wasn’t even aware a ban had been issued – until he decided to play Apex Legends during a livestream on Mixer.

Credit: Ninja

Shortly after booting up the game, Ninja – and his stream – were treated to a notification saying he had been banned from Apex, and was not allowed to join a match.

“I guess they don’t want me to play the game dude. What a waste of literally my night right now,” Ninja told his viewers.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

This all took place on December 15 and, at the time of writing, it’s still not clear why Ninja has been banned from the game. Neither Respawn Entertainment, EA Games or Ninja has since commented on the matter. Will we see Ninja play Apex anytime soon? Well…hopefully. And hopefully we’ll get some clarity on the matter!

It’s been less than 12 months since the launch of Apex Legends. Just like PUBG and Fortnite, it’s hard to remember a time before Apex was on the scene, yet the smash-hit game hasn’t even had its first birthday.

For hardcore players of the game there’s still loads of achievements up for grabs in Apex, and pro player/full-time grinder TermK47 has just nabbed a seriously impressive accolade.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

TermK47 has become the very first Apex Legends player to rack up over 100,000 lifetime kills across all platforms, averaging out at over 9,000 kills per month. Over on Twitter, the gamer celebrated the news with a screenshot of his stats, along with the words: “11 months of grinding and we finally did it boys 100k kills let’s f*cking go!”

100k kills really is a very impressive win to have under your belt. Check out the victory for yourself over on TermK47’s Twitch channel right here. Keep up the great work!

Featured Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment