London Games Festival announces official selection for 2023

The London Games Festival is returning for its third year. Today they have announced what we can expect from the event. 

The event is expected to showcase 40 titles. These games will be highlighted via online and in-person events and will run from March 29 to April 8. The official selection is organised over a series of five categories. They are as follows:

Best Of British

  • Sentry (Fireblade Software)
  • Time Team Games (Shadow Tor Studios)
  • John Wyndham’s The Kraken Wakes (Charisma Entertainment)
  • Mechinus (Huey Games)
  • Glam Pursuit (Larkylabs)
  • Rhythm Towers (Innoloop)

High Energy

  • Kaku: Ancient Seal (BINGOBELL)
  • Robobeat (Simon Fredholm)
  • Fool’s Gold (Solar Flare London)
  • SquadBlast (UltraHorse)
  • Demonschool (Necrosoft Games)
Credit: Steam

Historical Adventures

  • Let Me Out (4Happy Studio)
  • It’s a Wrap! (Chanko Studios)
  • Brewess (Fairer Games)
  • Mexico, 1921: A Deep Slumber (Mácula Interactive)
  • Crime O’Clock (Bad Seed)
  • Castle Craft (Twin Earth)
  • Midnight Girl (Italic)

International Innovators

  • Lost Twins 2 (Playdew)
  • Stories of Blossom (Soft Leaf Studios)
  • Paleo Pines (Italic Pig)
  • Forever Lost (Altered Gene)
  • Dredge (Black Salt Games)
  • Bramble: The Mountain King (Dimfrost Studio)
  • Arctic Awakening (GoldFire Studios)
  • Gift (Toydium)
  • LetterMe (Undone Games)

Pixel Power

  • Vessels of Decay (Aurora Punks)
  • Bilkins’ Folly (Webbysoft)
  • The Tartarus Key (Vertical Reach)
  • Mega City Police (Undreamed Games)
  • Gourdlets (Aunty Games)

The games will be highlighted in many ways across the course of the Festival. They will be accessible via demos, released as “special content” and available for discounted prices. However, we are currently unsure what this special content entails. Each game will also receive an accompanying special video profile which will reveal more information about the title. 

Where to find everything

For those able to attend the London Games Festival, each game will receive their own exhibit at the gaming bar platform in Shoreditch. If you wish to learn more about what you can expect during the Festival, you can head over to their official website. It is there you can also sign up for a newsletter to be the first to receive new information.

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