Resident Evil 4 remake demo is out now

UPDATE 10/03 10:08AM GMT: Capcom has now launched the Resident Evil 4 “Chainsaw Demo” following last night’s showcase.

The demo lasts for about 20 minutes and is available on Xbox, PlayStation and PC. Unlike previous Resident Evil demos, there is no timer on this one. So you’re free to play and explore the game at your own whim.

ORIGINAL: With the Resident Evil 4 remake fast approaching, people have noticed a Twitch ad released today that may hint at the demo arriving later today.

Capcom is set to host a Spotlight Showcase later tonight. This event will air via Twitch and Youtube and will give us more sneak peeks of their upcoming titles. This is expected to include Exoprimal, Monster Hunter Rise, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, Mega Man Battle Network Legacy edition.

The mysterious ad

It will also, of course, feature news from the fast-approaching Resident Evil 4 remake when it airs at 10:30pm GMT.

However, leading up to this event, fans have noticed a new ad appearing on Twitch. This ad gives us a sneak peek of the game before ending with the words “demo available now.” This could hint at the demo dropping later tonight alongside the Spotlight Showcase.

Although this could be a stab in the dark, this was also what happened with the launch of the Resident Evil Village demo. 

A catch-up on resident evil 4 remake

This news comes after a new Resident Evil ARG prequel dropped online earlier this week. Titled ‘Baby Eagle Is Missing,’ this mini-game provides extra information behind the events of the upcoming remake. 

Also earlier this week we saw a new trailer drop that hinted at the new mercenaries and enemies we will have to go against. This was thanks to additional information provided at State of Play. 

Credit: IGN

With the Resident Evil 4 Remake set to arrive on March 24, you can get up to date with everything we know so far thanks to our handy guide

Until then, keep an eye out for the Spotlight Showcase arriving later today. If these ads prove to be true, you may also be playing the demo very soon!

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