Ludicolo Pokemon Go – A Complete Guide

The Season of Alola is hosting the return of the Pokemon GO Water Festival in 2022, which means some new Pokemon are appearing alongside special legendary raids, including a Ludicolo Pokemon GO introduction.

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Ludicolo Pokemon GO

We’ve always got our reader’s backs with guides here at GameByte, so let’s cover everything one needs to know about the Ludicolo Pokemon GO debut:

General information – Ludicolo Pokemon GO

Pokemon TypeWater/Grass
VulnerabilitiesFlying/Poison/Bug: 160% extra damage
ResistancesGround/Steel/Water: 63% reduced damage
EvolutionEvolves from Lombre for 100 candy. Lombre evolves from Lotad for 25 candy.

Statistics – Ludicolo Pokemon GO

Base Attack173
Base Defense176
Base Stamina190
Max HP162 (Level 40)
Base Capture Rate12.5%
Base Flee Rate6%
Buddy Walk Distance3km

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max cp – Ludicolo Pokemon GO

Level 15 (Research Encounters)995
Level 20 (Max Hatched and Raids)1327
Level 30 (Max Wild)1991
Level 402323

Max cp (Weather Boost)

Level 25 (Raids)1659
Level 35 (Wild)2157
Credit: Niantic


Bubble (Water)12 DPS
Solar Beam (Grass)44.1 DPS

best moveset (Defensive)

Bubble (Water)12 DPS
Solar Beam (Grass)44.1 DPS

All Quick Moves

Razor Leaf (Grass)15.6 DPS
Bubble (Water)12 DPS

All Main Moves

Blizzard (Ice)41.9 DPS
Hydro Pump (Water)47.3 DPS
Solar Beam (Grass)44.1 DPS
Ice Beam (Ice)27.3 DPS
Energy Ball (Grass)27.7 DPS
Leaf Storm (Grass)62.4 DPS

top five counter pokemon and movesets

PokemonQuick MoveMain Move
Deoxys (Attack Forme)Poison Jab (Poison)Zap Cannon (Electric)
MoltresWing Attack (Flying)Sky Attack (Flying)
Deoxys (Attack Forme)Poison Jab (Poison)Dark Pulse (Dark)
YveltalGust (Flying)Hurricane (Flying)
RayquazaAir Slash (Flying)Hurricane (Flying)

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Featured Image Credit: Niantic / GameByte