Monster Hunter Now – how to access the beta

From the developers of Pokemon Go, Monster Hunter Now is set for launch soon. Here’s how to access the upcoming beta.

It has been revealed that Pokemon Go developer Niantic and Capcom have teamed up to bring us the latest instalment in the Monster Hunter series. Titled Monster Hunter Now, this Pokemon Go-esque game allows you to battle monsters in your local area.

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Monster Hunter Now Release Date & Beta Details

The mobile game will be coming to Android and iOS devices in September 2023. However, a limited time beta will be available as of April 25. If you wish to try it out, you can sign up now but be quick as the beta is limited to 10,000 players.

As the announcement mentions, you can sign up to the beta on their official website

What can we expect from the game?

As Monster Hunter Now is from the creators of Pokemon Go, you can expect a similar style of gameplay. The main difference being that instead of capturing creatures, you’re killing them. 

Additionally, Niantic and Capcom wish to bring a more social aspect to the game so you will be able to team up with your friends as you explore your local areas. 

In a press release from Niantic, founder and CEO John Hanke says, “Monster Hunter Now will be the ultimate experience for anyone who has dreamed of facing off against epic monsters and battling them with friends.

“Filled with fantastical creatures, engrossing hunting and opportunities for teamwork, with the best possible graphics on mobile devices, Monster Hunter Now is the perfect franchise to bring into the real world,” he concludes.

Screenshot of the Monster Hunter franchise which is now coming to mobile devices this September as 'Monster Hunter Now'
Monster Hunter is coming to mobile devices

Another success?

It is perhaps no surprise that other franchises are following suit with this style of game, especially considering Pokemon Go had 147 million active users at its peak. Although Niantic have dabbled in other mobile games such as Pikmin Bloom, none of them have yet captured the imagination of Pokemon Go.

However, with gamers loving to battle monsters, this could prove to be their next big hit.

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