Harry Potter Meets Stardew Valley In New Game ‘Songs Of Glimmerwick’

Songs of Glimmerwick is a new story-driven, musical RPG from the developers of Eastshade set in a magical university. It’s giving us Harry Potter vibes with a dash of Stardew Valley.

Right off the bat, Songs of Glimmerwick has some strong story-book vibes, with a hand-drawn style look to the game. The game’s take on magic sees you playing magic to perform spells. And it looks like there will be some sim elements too, as the trailer does show the player character working on a garden.

YouTube video

“The land of Glimmerwick is well known for its university of magic – and as luck would have it, you’re already enrolled!” reads the game’s description on Steam. “In this woodland fantasy world playing music is the secret to casting spells. Ancient songs make garden work a breeze, and they’re also key to exploring every corner of the island. 

“With your trusty flute and songbook at your side you’ll attend classes and join after school clubs, make friends with classmates and townsfolk, and uncover Glimmerwick’s many oddities and mysteries – all while enjoying a year of seasons, festivals, curses, and witchy hijinks in this peaceful, story-driven RPG.”

Most of the gameplay seen in the trailer shows you working on the university’s garden. But it does seem like you will be able to engage in classes at the university, and perform magic for people like casting a spell that makes a sandcastle.

You will also be able to fully customise how your character looks. And the Steam page shows that there are some kind of skill trees in the game. One ability mentioned is being able to speak to frogs, which honestly sounds like a dream come true.

According to the game’s Twitter page, it will be coming to both PC and consoles. But it hasn’t specified which platforms in particular it will be launching on. Players can also expect a release window of Q3 2023, according to the Steam page.

YouTube video

Featured Image Credit: Eastshade Studios