Games Preservation Company Launches New Publishing Label

Super Rare Games, the company behind limited edition physical releases of indie games, has announced a new independent publishing label. Announced today, Super Rare Originals will release original indie titles on both PC and console. 

Super Rare Originals will be an indie-focused publisher, that leverages the inhouse accrued experience of the team to support independent video game developers. Having worked with hundreds of developers in the past few years, the label will position itself as ‘indie’s best friend’.

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After a number of breakout hits in recent years with titles like Hades, Undertale and Stardew Valley, the independent game development scene has established itself as a serious powerhouse in the gaming industry. 

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Super Rare Originals first batch of announces games include; 

  • Grapple Dog is a 2D pixel-art platformer in which players use a grappling hook to traverse tricky puzzles. 
  • Lone Run features roguelike twin-stick shooting gameplay and takes players on a journey from a old ruin to find a mysterious power
  • Post Void is a frenetic first-person arcade shooter, which demands speed and accuracy through randomly generated levels.
  • Completely Stretchy, as the title suggests, features a stretchy protagonist that players explore the island of Grombi with.
  • The Gecko Gods, is a puzzle adventure game that takes players through a mysterious island. You also get to play as a tiny cute lizard. 

Super Rare Games is perhaps best known for its commitment to video game preservation. Over the past few years, the company has released limited physical editions of PC and Nintendo Switch games. The team will continue to work on limited physical releases, stating in a press release: “Our passion for physical games and effective preservation is, of course, going nowhere.

Super Rare Originals also has a number of unannounced titles in the works, one of which the label will announce soon If you’d like to find out more about Super Rare Originals, please click here

Elsewhere, Nintendo has added much-loved N64 platformer Banjo Kazooie to its Nintendo Switch online service. Banjo Kazooie is just one of many titles joining the service this year. Players can also look forward to The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Pokemon Snap, Mario Golf and others joining the line up. 


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[Featured Image Credit: Super Rare Originals]