Mario Now Has His Own Perfume Called ‘Eau De Plumber’

Ok, here’s something that you don’t expect to be sold at any point, but Nintendo’s mascot Mario now has his own perfume called ‘Eau De Plumber.’

I’m not sure what this “Luxury Perfume” smells like but if for whatever reason you wanted to smell like Super Mario, this was your chance.

Image of Mario perfume bottle
Credit: GAME

Dubbed “Eau De Plumber,” the fragrance is said to give you the “essence of versatile gentlemen” and will bring the “Wa-Hoo” out of you!

This Eau De Plumber is exclusive to GAME in the UK and is strictly limited to one per customer.

This magnifico fragrance bottle is designed with the colours of the popular Italian plumber in mind, with a gold star located centrally and an elegant red Mario hat as the cap.

Image of Mario next to perfume bottle
Credit: Nintendo/GAME

The description for the bottle of elegance reads: “This Italian-inspired perfume features deep earthy notes of toadstool, balanced with high notes of peach and daisy, and mid-tones of grass lands. Presented in a quirky 200ml collector’s bottle, this luxurious scent is inspired by everyone just trying to make their way in the world.

Despite its design being based upon the Nintendo mascot Super Mario, this splendid bottle of fragrance has a unisex scent and is “lovingly crafted for the busy gamer on the go.

Box art for Super Mario World SNES
Credit: Nintendo

Significant other kidnapped by giant reptilian tyrant? Rushing from one side of town to the other with a strict time limit of 300 seconds? Eau De Plumber has you covered and brings a whole new meaning to words ‘toilet water’,’” says the description.

This exclusive bottle of perfume would cost you £19.99 for 200ml of pure Mario goodness!  Sadly, at the time of writing, it’s all out of stock. Keep an eye on GAME if you’re eager to get your hands on one though!

Mario looking sad
Credit: Nintendo

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo/GAME