Psychological Horror ‘Martha Is Dead’ Is Out Now – Here’s Our Initial Impressions

Atmospheric psychological horror Martha Is Dead is out today on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Set in the Italian countryside during World War II, you play as a young woman named Giulia who’s dealing with the trauma associated with her twin sister’s death. Additionally, the game also deals with the guilt she feels of taking her sister’s identity after her passing.

Here’s a short video with our impressions on the game after a couple of hours of play.

Martha Is Dead also lets you explore the breathtaking vistas of wartime Tuscany, complete with its lush green fields and beautiful rivers. But it’ll also have you scurrying through underground caves and thick forests as you search for the truth. 


For the photo mode lovers out there, Martha Is Dead also comes equipped with a fully authentic vintage camera system. You use this old timey camera to take photos during your exploration, then take it back to the darkroom to get them developed.

Those who are squeamish to gore may want to avoid Martha Is Dead. Even within the first couple of hours, you’re going to see a lot of haunting imagery. It’s potentially triggering for anyone sensitive to themes of death, more specifically anything involving suicide or children. Take the right precaution if you do decide to give it a go.

Will I be back to play more Martha Is Dead? I’m not sure. I’m finding the story to be very interesting. It’s got a great hook and pacing. The imagery is a little too much for me though, and I say this as someone who really loves gory horror stories. It actually had to be censored on PlayStation though, so users there may have an easier time with it.

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Featured Image: Wired Productions