Marvel’s Avengers developer apologises for the whole thing

A developer who worked on the Marvel’s Avengers game has apologised for the game, stating that it was a tough development process. 

Virtosu Cezar, the creative director at Virtuos Studio which was outsourced to work on the Marvel game, recently spoke to Edge Magazine for their latest issue. He explained the game was a “challenging production, let’s say.” This comes after the Marvel’s Avengers game fell short of making back production costs after a very disappointing sales margin. 

It was also revealed that plans to cease development for the game were taking place at Crystal Dynamics back in January. This came alongside the news that dev support would also be cut for the company. With a lack of content, game-breaking bugs and a community feeling ignored, this is sad but not surprising news. 

Marvel's Avengers game cast
Credit: Square Enix

Looking to the future

Cezar has since left his role at Virtuos Studio to focus on The Lords of the Fallen Reboot. Once part of Marvel’s Avenger’s co-developer studio and with titles under his belt such as Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Cezar has a lot of experience. 

When asked by Edge about his thoughts on the Avengers game, he merely says, “I apologise for that.” However, he was much more eager to talk about the upcoming The Lords of the Fallen Reboot. He spoke alongside its executive producer, Saul Gascon. 

From Marvel Avengers to a Soulslike game

For Gascon, this is a “dream project” despite the gaming world still having high expectations thanks to the latest Soulslike game, Elden Ring. Nevertheless, Gascon says:

“We want the studio to become a reference in the [Soulslike] genre,” Gascon went on. “We want to be the second reference [after Elden Ring developer FromSoftware], because right now there is no clear second reference.” 

It is clear that even the team is disappointed with Marvel’s Avengers. However, this will hopefully be a fluke in games set in that universe. For fan’s of the franchise, EA recently announced they have begun production on a single-player Iron Man game.

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