Starfield PS5 – will it come to the Sony console?

Will a Starfield PS5 release happen? Bethesda Game Studios is on the brink of taking players to their first new IP in 20 years, and the first one off-world. Far from the warring races of Tamriel and the irradiated wastelands of North America, Starfield takes us to the edge of our solar system. Will Starfield be on PS5?

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What We Know So Far – Will Starfield Be On PS5?

The main man of Bethesda Game Studios Todd Howard recently went on record to state that Starfield will have around 1000 fully explorable, procedurally generated worlds for players to explore. Bear in mind this doesn’t include space, where players can fly to new planets and dogfight with enemy corporations.

Why Fans Aren’t Happy With Starfield

Players can look forward to collecting resources for crafting, the classic open-world Bethesda experience and a NASA -inspired and lived Sci-Fi epic set in the not-so-distant future. Although people have been complaining about the June 2022 gameplay reveal, where fans noticed frame rate drops, unfinished textures and more.

It’s safe to say that Starfield needed a bit more polish, which is why we can expect a better look as we move into 2023 thanks to a delayed release date.

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Will Starfield Be On PS5?

The short answer is no. Bethesda confirmed back in 2021 that Starfield and future Bethesda Game Studios titles will be released on Xbox and PC only. They will also appear on day one on Game Pass Ultimate, something that Xbox and gaming PC owners are very happy about.

Zenimax was purchased by Xbox in 2021, which means its umbrella of companies, such as Bethesda, is now part of the family of Xbox Game Studios. Confirmed releases such as Ghostwire: Tokyo were still honoured as PlayStation 5 exclusives, however, which means it’s not entirely out of the question for future releases to one day go multiplatform.

With TV companies such as Samsung releasing Xbox Game Pass apps with their new TVs, Bethesda fans may not need a console or gaming PC at all sooner rather than later.

Whilst PlayStation owners might not be best pleased, we should all adjust our expectations and expect future Bethesda releases to be exclusive to the Xbox family of systems.

Check out some Starfield gameplay here.