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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 ‘Coming Sooner Than Expected,’ Says Leak

2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man is one of the best superhero video games of all time, and it could be getting a sequel sooner than we thought. The iconic PlayStation 4 exclusive from Insomniac Games was one of the highest-rated games of 2018, and a sequel has been expected to launch on the PlayStation 5, but when?

According to video game journalist and industry insider Imran Khan, we could be seeing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 very soon.

Credit: Marvel/Insomniac Games

Speaking on an episode of video games podcast Kinda Funny Gamescast, Khan revealed that not only is the game in the works, but that it could be coming as soon as 2021.


“I know too much about [the game], so I can’t speculate too much. I think a Spider-Man 2 will come sooner than we think.”

Credit: Marvel/Sony/Insomniac Games

Although not specifically pointing to 2021, Khan had previously referenced a “Christmas 2021” release window earlier in the podcast, suggesting that might be a tentative indication of when we could see Spider-Man 2.

Check out the full Gamescast in the video below.

YouTube video

Of course, developer Insomniac Games hasn’t even confirmed that a sequel is in the works, but considering just how much of a heavy-hitter the 2018 classic was, it’s hard to imagine it’s going to be a one-off game.

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Featured Image Credit: Marvel/Sony/Insomniac Games