Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Release Date & Pre Order News

The release date for Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was finally released during yesterday’s Summer Game Fest 2023.

The sequel was first announced back in September 2021 and Insomniac Games have remained pretty tight-lipped about the project. With just some teasers including enemy reveals, a general ‘fall release date’ and news that the title won’t be co-op, we were all desperate for the most important news – a release date. 

Luckily, we now have one and you haven’t got long to wait at all. 

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Release Date & Pre-Orders

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be swinging onto PlayStation 5 on October 20, 2023. As well as that, the PS5 new-gen exclusive will also be available to pre-order as of June 16. 

If you want to get your hands on some extra goodies, you can also get your hands on the Deluxe edition at $79.99 or the Collector’s Edition at $230.00. 

The Deluxe edition will include 10 unique suits (five for Peter and five for Miles). It will also include additional Photo Mode frames and stickers and two additional in-game skill points. 

In comparison, the quite expensive Collector’s Edition will include the full digital PS5 game, a Steelbook display case and most importantly, a high-quality 19 inch statue which shows both Peter and Miles fighting Venom. 

Credit: Sony

If you just wish to pre-order the Standard edition, you can still get your hands on some extras. This includes the Arachknight Suit for Peter with an additional 3 colour options. You will also get an early unlock Shadow Spider Suit for Miles also with 3 colour options. Finally, you will gain access to the Web Grabber gadget early on in-game and 3 extra skill points. 

What Else To Expect

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will see Peter and Miles come up against some of their most-known enemies: Venom, The Lizard and Kraven the Hunter. Luckily, you can switch between the pair at will to pick the best Spider-Man for your mission.

Not only that but it was recently revealed the sequel’s map would be “double the size” of its predecessor. 

So there you have it! Will you be swinging through New York in October? Let us know across our social media platforms.