Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Map Will Be “Double The Size” Of Previous Game

Despite no news of a release date for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, new information reveals the map will be “double the size” of its predecessor. 

Last month saw Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 feature in Sony’s PlayStation Showcase. We were treated to a demo that showed some of the action you can get up to as both Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Despite the release date only being ‘sometime’ this Fall, fans are still desperate to know more. 

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Map Will Be “Double The Size” Of Previous Game

Luckily thanks to a report by The Washington Post’s Gene Park, we now know that the map in the sequel will be “double the size” than it was in Marvel’s Spider-Man. 

The sequel will still take place in Spiderman’s home of New York but we will also get to explore Brooklyn, Queens and some other unconfirmed boroughs. This was confirmed by the game’s creative director Bryan Intihar and game director Ryan Smith.

“In terms of the size of the city, it’s double the size compared to Spider-Man 1,” Intihar said. “When you play in Queens, there’s much more of a neighbourhood feel, smaller buildings, which is why the web wings work so well traversing in that area, where you can swing low to the ground if you want to, or you can fly through.”

Although there has been no confirmation of the sequel’s length yet, we can always assume that a bigger map will mean it will beat Spider-Man 1’s time of 17 hours for completion. 

It was never going to be co-op

Intihar and Smith also reveal that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was “never an option” despite rumours of the contrary. As a result, the game will allow you to switch between Morales and Parker and pick which character suits the situation best.

“From day one, we always said we wanted to make a single-player experience,” Intihar explains. “There’s a lot of great co-op games out there, but we wanted to tell the experience of two spider heroes. You have to make some big decisions, whether it’s design decisions, tech decisions for something like co-op.”

With a big area to cover, we will hopefully be swinging through New York in no time.

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