Masturbation Simulator Wants To Deliver The Best Single Player Experience Possible

I have no words.


Steam has been known to have some weird AF games in the past, but W*nking Simulator might have to take the cake.

W*nking Simulator might sound like the perfect way to get your jollies, but don’t worry, despite its name there’s not actually too much masturbation in it (from what we can see, anyway).

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Credit: Ultimate Games S.A.

It’s actually more of an asset-destruction game rather than a…never mind.

Developed by Steam user MrCiastku and published by Ultimate Games S.A the game’s Steam page explains the title in more detail.

“You play as Winston Gay, a man whose house was taken away by the corrupt government after being called out for w*nking too loud by his neighbours,” says the game page.


“Now, Winston is on a mission to make everyone in the town pay a price for taking away his home.

Credit: Ultimate Games S.A.

W*nking Simulator is a mix of destruction & w*nking – you are thrown into a town called Gay Bay consisting of a church (God bless), a number of houses and a few other places, such as high school, a garage etc.

“The main goal is to destroy as many things as possible before getting caught by the police and collect points by wanking to the chaos we caused.

“You are free to go wherever you want, and destroy anything you want.
Our protagonist is given unlockable superpowers, such as making gravity weaker, spawning a rifle in your panties, teleport etc.”

Credit: Ultimate Games S.A.

If you like the sound of W*nking Simulator then check out the game over on Steam.

As of yet, there’s no set release date, but the game is expected to launch during Q3 of this year.

What are your opinions on W*nking Simulator? I think 2019 might need to be cancelled to be honest…

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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