MediEvil 2 Remake Is Rumoured To Be In Development

A dedicated MediEvil fan-made Twitter page by the name of SaveMediEvil unsurprisingly loves to share anything MediEvil related, and now that the 2019 PlayStation 4 remake (which was received quite well) is out of the way, the dedicated fan page is now moving on to the hopes that MediEvil 2 will also get the star-studded makeover.

Credit: Sony

A recent tweet to the series’ composer Andrew Barnabas, has hinted that such a dream might just become reality for Sir Daniel Fortesque.

When SaveMediEvil simply tweetED “2” to Andrew Barnabas, he vaguely replied “Actually…..”  This, of course, got fans hoping that a MediEvil 2 remake is or will soon be in development. 

Credit: Sony

However, as fans began to react to the tease, Barnabas was quick to backpedal on his response.

He claimed that his teasing answer wasn’t in response to the idea of a sequel, but was in fact addressed to a fan who suggested that the 2019 MediEvil remake did not perform well in terms of sales. 

In the same tweet thread, Barnabas revealed that MediEvil did in-fact sell well, stating: “Aaah, so sorry to get your hopes up, ‘actually’ was in response to Azuremusic’s comment that the remake didn’t do well, actually it did do well, whether it’s enough to warrant another is still a big unknown but we can all cross our fingers…..”

These tweets could of course mean nothing and Andrew Barnabas could have just made an honest Twitter thread mistake, but it’s not out of the realms of possibility that MediEvil 2 will get remade, heck; it might even spawn a proper third instalment on the next-gen systems.

Credit: Sony

Would you like to see Sir Dan of Gallowmere resurrected once more, maybe on a next-gen console? 

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Featured Image Credit: Sony