Replace Your Character’s Head With A Dog’s Head In Journey To The Savage Planet

Journey to the Savage Planet is a game that’s very recently released, and it’s had very little fanfare or any kind of big publisher-push prior to its launch, which is sad as it’s an absolute gem. Received with praise from both critics and users alike, Journey to the Savage Planet has already hit high acclaim among its admirers.

Credit: Typhoon Studios

Looking from the outside in, Journey to the Savage Planet appears to take inspiration from the likes of No Man’s Sky with a hint of humour from the Borderlands series, and for a new IP wanting to make a name for itself, that’s one way to get in a player’s good graces. 

One other such way to venture into the grace of the good is by incorporating the concept of a lovable pet pooch into the mix, and that’s seemingly what Journey to the Savage Planet has done.

Credit: Typhoon Studios

At the very start of the game, before you are introduced to its world, you must create your own character and upon doing so, you are asked to select from a variety of photos that best represents yourself.  Among them are some funky-looking 1980’s pop star wannabe profile pics and a dog, yes, a dog.

Credit: Typhoon Studios

Granted, by choosing the dog, it does not alter the shape of your body and you are wearing a space helmet that hides your face, but who’s not to say that you’re a human with a dog’s head?  I mean sure, video games lets us be just about who we want to be and if you want to be a human with a dog head, then that’s your right and I’m proud of you for it.

Do you aspire to one day replace your human head with a dog’s head?

Featured Image Credit: Typhoon Studios