Meet The Kanye West Game That Could Be Linked To A Cult

Ok, you’ll need to bear with me on this one, because this is going to be a crazy article, but now and again we all need a little crazy in our lives. In a nutshell, it involves an indie game, rapper clones taking over the world and mysterious cults, all with a hint of Kanye West influence.  Sadly however, I cannot confirm that this story involves any Fish Sticks, so I apologise in advance for that disappointment.  That said, let’s talk about how a Kanye West inspired indie game could be connected to a cult. (Allegedly)

Image: Kanye Quest 3030

It all began, July 22nd of 2013, when an indie game inspired by the likes of classic RPGs and gameplay elements from the Pokémon series, appeared on the website RPG Maker. It went by the name of Kanye Quest 3030.  What seemed to be a mere cheerful indie game, seemingly holds hidden secrets to something dark and disturbing, secrets that no one could have ever imagined to be buried deep the dark and sinister corners of the internet.

In Kanye Quest 3030, you play as a character inspired by well, Kanye West, and the world is over-taken by rapper clones from Little B, Ice Cube, Eminem, Dr Dre and more. It’s your job to take them down to save the world.  However, when the game seemingly came to a dead end with not much else to offer, one player thought that there had to be more to this game. After reaching a labyrinth-like maze, when wondering how to progress further, his curiosity opened up a can of worms leading to a rabbit hole that even Alice would never have seen coming.

After much collaboration and investigation, hidden source codes, links to various websites and social media, the player had seeming uncovered that Kanye Quest 3030 was actually – allegedly – connected to a cult.

The game was seemingly just a front by a covert cult using this darling of an indie to recruit new members to a secret order known as the Ascension. It’s believed that they want to impose their way of life and beliefs into your world, as you are lured into the church of Ascensionism.

At a certain point in the game, you are required to enter a series of passwords which eventually leads to some eerie music kicking in. It’s here that a voice warns you of the information that will be imposed upon you, and you must be sworn to utter secrecy. If you can’t keep what you are about to hear to yourself, then you must stop playing the game in an instant.  However, by agreeing to the terms to uphold the secrets, you are also agreeing to any consequence of your unfaithfulness being punished accordingly.  So, no pressure then?

Image: Kanye Quest 3030

The YouTuber by the name of Nexpo (seriously, check out his channel) who inspired this article, contacted the person to whom he thought this game belonged in the hope of finding some answers to many of its secrets, however, the developer simply responded by claiming that “it wasn’t his game at all.”  Which begs the question, just who in the hell does this game really belong to and what is its real purpose? 

Thankfully, the developer seemed intrigued by Nexpo’s investigation and agreed to help. By doing so, the game was data mined and a series of new passwords were discovered, which led to an already-existing 72-page thread investigation of Ascensionism.

In the long thread were a series of tasks and passwords and with every password entered, the screen becomes gradually darker until you reach the words “Your Ascension”.  When all tasks are complete, you are then placed in a white room with a single terminal that when activated, initiates an unwinnable battle called JFZZJNMS, which ends almost instantly.  Following this battle altercation, your only interaction is with another terminal and once activated, it tells you that by agreeing to its terms, you will not only ascend further, but tells you that they will make contact with you over the next two weeks, and that you must keep a look out for the signs.  Unnervingly, the game asks you to enter your personal details (including your address) and that you must await instructions over the two week period.  Not that this “game” wants to make you feel paranoid or anything, right?

Whether it had anything to do with Kanye West’s likeness and the estranged cult is all speculation, but Kanye Quest 3030 was taken down from the website RPG Maker not long after the game released. Since then, the only official way to download the game is via the developers own Tumblr page, but it remains encrypted and hidden behind a password.  However, despite all these blockades, the secrets believed to be connected to the alleged cult known as The Ascensionists, still kept becoming unearthed and a sinister philosophy and ethos was discovered, but more on that a little later.

Image: Kanye Quest 3030

Following the game asking you to enter in your personal details, naturally, rumours began to circulate that information was already being sent to the alleged cult without the consent of the player. When another investigation was conducted, it was discovered that despite the game being removed from its official channels, another game could be taking its place.

A Redditor by the name of Shrinkman discovered that a new game now exists called Calypso, which again has ties to the Ascensionists.  Upon discovering the game now known as Calypso, it appeared to be a newer version of the Kanye Quests 3030 indie game, and similar to its predecessor, it had old-school RPG mechanic sand visuals, and likewise, instructed the player to fulfil a number of tasks.

However, not too long into Calypso, a series of in-game voicemails were discovered by real people at least, but we will never know for sure if their intentions were genuine. 

Each message seemed to confirm that these people have performed tasks for the Ascension cult or that they wish to join them.  It’s of course likely that these are just mere actors leaving the quite disturbing messages, but it’s not outside the realms of possibility that there is even just a slight chance that at least some of the messages were left with genuine intent.  However, other than these eerie voice messages, the game Calypso seemingly had nothing else to offer, other than the apparent ties to the cult.

Credit: Phenix

Yet despite another apparent dead end, further investigations led to the origins of Ascensionism cult, which dates back to 2006.  Now it’s not uncommon to find remote cults in certain areas of the world, even in this day and age, but the true power behind them all stems to the believability and faith that cult members have with the order that they worship.  However, when the investigation led to the beliefs of Ascensionism, at quick glance, it appears to be a peaceful cult, but that couldn’t be further from the believed truth.

At its core, the Ascensionism cult is said to believe that the human body is made-up of two spirits: the physical spirit (body) and the ethereal spirit (soul). It’s claimed that our spirits have many lifetimes in existence, leading to a point where we judge upon ourselves as to whether we have been good or bad. 

They also believe that during our lifetimes, we climb a figurative mountain of “ascension” before we reach the point of self-judgement.  Their outlook on life also appears to be very optimistic and aims to remove any self-doubt from its followers as everything is achievable in life.  

So far, so normal(ish), right?  Well this is where their positive outlook, also has a chilling flipside, because they also believe that if any bad should happen to you, then you deserve it. This is said to be because you asked for these bad things to happen in a previous life of self-judgement.

Over the course of time, all ties to the apparent cult of Ascensionism have been vanishing, whether websites, social media pages, videos and more.  But when searching for domains that allegedly had ties to this cult, one name kept creeping up, Nick Lyons.  So just who is this man?  Is he real?  Is he a member of this cult looking to recruit members or is he simply just someone that is having fun at our expense?  Sadly, unless all the truth is officially uncovered, we may never know for sure, as traces to this cult have been very scarce by design, quite possibly the doing of this Nick Lyons.

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When all was said and done, something disturbing was uncovered within Kanye Quest 3030.  Were these secrets hidden by design from the get-go or were they implemented by an outside source to corrupt and influence our minds in sinister ways?  Maybe one day we’ll find out, but truth be told, are these secrets we really want to let loose within our communities or should they remain forever banished until the end of time?  Or is this simply one of the greatest trolls within the video game industry in recent times?  And would you want to expose your personal details to this game’s creators out of curiosity?  After all, you know what they say about the curious cat and even if that cat likes Fish Sticks, sometimes it’s best to keep certain secrets hidden.

I’d also like to give a shout-out to the wonderful YouTuber Nexpo. You can check out more on this bizarre story in his very in-depth video right here.

Featured Image Credit: Phenix