Three modes for free!

Metroid Dread Receives Its First Free Content Update Today

Metroid Dread will receive a free content update and best of all, the first update is available now via a downloadable patch.

Announced during last night’s Nintendo Direct event, there will be two free content updates coming to Metroid Dread which will add brand new modes to the game. Rejoice!

metroid dread
Credit: Nintendo

As of right now, you can download the first update which will add the new Dread Mode. This mode is an ultra-difficulty setting that results in a one-hit kill. So, any enemy that makes any form of physical contact with Samus, then it’s GAME OVER MAN!


Additionally, there is also a Rookie Mode which increases the health recovery for Samus as well as less damage taken from bosses. So, if you found Metroid Dread to be a little daunting, then this mode will help the game be more welcoming to a variety of players. Furthermore, a new playable demo is now available via the Nintendo eShop which includes both newly announced modes.

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Wait, there’s more!

However, that is not all, because Metroid Dread will receive a second free content update this April. The second update in question will add Boss Rush Mode. As the name of this mode suggests, Samus will face a one-on-one, gauntlet of survival against each boss encountered in the game.

Are you looking forward to playing the new modes in Metroid Dread? Let us know across our social media channels. Metroid Dread is available now for the Nintendo Switch.


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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo