Metroid Prime Remaster Development Is ‘Wrapped Up’ Claims Insider

An industry insider has claimed that a Metroid Prime remaster is not only good to go, but its development has “wrapped up.

Back in July this year, Jeff Grubb of VentureBeat claimed during an episode of the Giant Bomb Show that a Metroid Prime remaster was ready to be released. So, there are recent claims, back up those that were made previously.

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The recent claims come from an insider, blogger and contributor at Nintendo World Report, Emily Rogers. Responding to a follower on Twitter that expressed disappointment believing that we will only get one Metroid Prime remaster, Rogers was quick to debunk those claims.

Work on Metroid Prime 1 remaster started around 2017-18. Original plan was to develop & release Prime 1 first,” tweeted Rogers. “Then use Prime 1’s foundation (engine, tools, assets) to re-create Prime 2 + 3 later. Nobody knows if plans were changed/axed after Covid.

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Credit: Nintendo

Rogers went on to claim that not only had the Metroid Prime remastered wrapped up its development during the summer, but she still hopes that Nintendo plans to release a trilogy of remasters.

Could it finally happen?

It would be cool if Nintendo sticks to their original plan and brings all 3 Metroid Primes to Switch. I’m rooting for the best possible scenario here. Only thing I can confirm atm is Prime 1 exists. And it just wrapped up development over the summer.

If the rumours of the Metroid Prime remaster being complete is true, hopefully, it could mean that an official announcement could be just around the corner.

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo