Could it be a new console?

Microsoft Confirms New Xbox Hardware Is Currently In Development

Microsoft has confirmed that it’s currently working on new Xbox hardware during a pre-E3 2021 presentation.

Xbox consoles side by side
Credit: Microsoft

During the recent event, Microsoft’s CVP of Gaming Experiences & Platforms, Liz Hamren, stressed that physical hardware is still an integral part of Xbox’s future, despite the rise of cloud gaming tech [via TechRadar]:

“Cloud is key to our hardware and Game Pass roadmaps, but no one should think we’re slowing down on our core console engineering. In fact, we’re accelerating it. We’re already hard at work on new hardware and platforms, some of which won’t come to light for years. But even as we build for the future, we’re focused on extending the Xbox experience to more devices today so we can reach more people.”

Xbox Cloud Gaming beta
Credit: Microsoft

So, what exactly could Microsoft be working on? Well, while the company could be working on a successor to the Series X, it could also be working on current-gen enhancements. Sure, we probably won’t see a Series X revision for a while yet. However, the company could be working on new console features, like increased performance. After all, Microsoft did enhance the Xbox One throughout its time on the market, with features such as 4K support and 60FPS gameplay.

man in vr headset
Credit: Pixabay

It’s also worth considering that Microsoft could be working on a PlayStation VR competitor. While Microsoft has dismissed rumours of an Xbox VR headset in the past, the company could be secretly working on its own brand of hardware. At the same time, Microsoft could be working on something smaller scale, like a controller with haptic feedback and HD rumble, similar to PlayStation’s Dualsense.

Of course, there’s also a chance that Microsoft could be working on a handheld console. While previous reports have suggested that Nintendo and Microsoft have been in some sort of talks, perhaps the Xbox creators want their own slice of the handheld market pie. You never know; perhaps a Cloud powered Xbox handheld will knock Nintendo off the portable throne in the near future.

handheld xbox concept
Credit: Microsoft/

Regardless of what Microsoft is actually up to, the company likely has a few tricks up its sleeve. Whether or not that means we’ll see a new Xbox console soon remains to be seen. Who knows, perhaps Microsoft’s simply working on a way to make the Series X less chonky.

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Featured Image Credit: Microsoft