Microsoft Has Revealed Full Xbox Series X Specs

The wait is over as Microsoft has officially unveiled the full specs for its next-generation Xbox consoles, the Xbox Series X.

As announced via the official Microsoft blog, the Xbox Series X boasts the following:

Credit: Microsoft
CPU8x Cores @ 3.8 GHz (3.66 GHz w/ SMT) Custom Zen 2 CPU
GPU12 TFLOPS, 52 CUs @ 1.825 GHz Custom RDNA 2 GPU
Die Size360.45 mm2
Process7nm Enhanced
Memory16 GB GDDR6 w/ 320mb bus
Memory Bandwidth10GB @ 560 GB/s, 6GB @ 336 GB/s
Internal Storage1 TB Custom NVME SSD
I/O Throughput2.4 GB/s (Raw), 4.8 GB/s (Compressed, with custom hardware decompression block)
Expandable Storage1 TB Expansion Card (matches internal storage exactly)
External StorageUSB 3.2 External HDD Support
Optical Drive4K UHD Blu-Ray Drive
Performance Target4K @ 60 FPS, Up to 120 FPS

The company writes: “Xbox Series X is the biggest generational leap of SOC [System on a Chip] and API design that we’ve done with Microsoft, and it’s really an honor for AMD to be a trusted Microsoft partner for this endeavor,” said Nussbaum. “The Xbox Series X is going to be a beacon of technical innovation leadership for this console generation and will propagate the innovation throughout the DirectX ecosystem this year and into next year.”

Check out the full details over on the Xbox website just here.

We’re yet to see what Sony has to offer with its upcoming console, the PlayStation 5.

Credit: Sony

The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are due to drop later this year (barring any delays of course).

Are you impressed with Xbox Series X so far?

In releated news, Xbox top dog Phil Spencer recently took to Twitter to announce that the Microsoft team will be hosting their own digital event, in lieu of E3.

He tweeted: “E3 has always been an important moment for Team Xbox. Given this decision, this year we’ll celebrate the next generation of gaming with the @Xbox community and all who love to play via an Xbox digital event. Details on timing and more in the coming weeks.”

Credit: GameByte/Microsoft E3

E3 2020 was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft