Microsoft Wants To Become The ‘Netflix of Games’

When it comes to gaming you can’t ignore Microsoft’s Xbox One. It’s upscaled model is the most powerful console on the market right now, and when it comes to technology it’s hard to out-do a company like Microsoft.

It seems it’s got its sights on a pretty lofty goal though, as Microsoft has said it wants to become the “Netflix of games.”

Credit: Microsoft

Project xCloud was announced in October last year, and it aims to bring Xbox One games to PC, mobile phones and consoles regardless of where you are via a streaming subscription service.

Credit: Microsoft

The idea is that you’ll be able to connect your Xbox controller to supported devices – like your phone via Bluetooth – to play games on the go. There would also be the option to play more traditionally, using your phone’s touchscreen.

Testing for Project xCloud is set to begin sometime this year.

It’s going to be anything but easy to build up a library of content as diverse and as large as Netflix’s. If anyone can try it though, it’s Microsoft…

Credit: Netflix

Are you excited about Project xCloud and how will it compare to the immense success of the streaming titan that is Netflix?

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft.