Microsoft’s Disability-Friendly Xbox Controller Even Includes Accessible Box Design

Microsoft made waves back in May when they announced they were releasing an accessible Xbox controller to allow those with disabilities to enjoy Xbox’s best and most fun games. 

The company was praised for their forward-thinking, and the decision sparked a debate questioning whether or not the gaming community is inclusive when it comes to disability. 

Simply named the Xbox Adaptive Controller (the XAC), the unique controller is designed for accessibility, comfort and top-quality functionality so that every gamer can easily play their favourite Xbox titles. 

The controller’s design is as simple as its title, with a D-pad, menu buttons and two round hand pads. It also comes with a range of ports to plug in any extra devices that a player might require, including assistive devices! 

It’s not just the controller itself that’s designed to cater for those with disabilities- even the box it will come in has been carefully engineered to make it easy to access. 

Speaking in a video briefing last week Microsoft announced more details on the controller. 

Kevin Marshall, creative director of design at Microsoft stated: “We treat packaging as part of the product. 

“Packaging really has the potential to validate and shape consumer experiences.” 

The team did a lot of research into the issue and discovered that, if a box is difficult to open, some people with disabilities that affect their mobility can sometimes resort to using their teeth. 

The box design includes strategically-placed loops of plastic or ribbon to ease the process of accessing the product and prevent someone from using their teeth to get inside.  

It also has a hinge placed in a position that means “you don’t need a broad stroke to lift the box top off,” Microsoft packaging designer Mark Weiser explained. 

It doesn’t end there, as if you order you XAC directly from Microsoft, it will come shipped in a box that also has the easy-open loops. 

With three different ways to lift the controller out of the box, it seems Microsoft has thought of everything. 

The XAC will be released later this year and is expected to retail for around $100.