GameCube-Style Controllers Are Coming To The Nintendo Switch  

The Nintendo Switch has seen lots of extra Pro Controllers, accessories and add-ons, but none have gotten us more excited than the upcoming GameCube-inspired controllers coming soon from Hori. 

These gorgeous replicas of one of gaming’s most iconic designs include excellent attention to detail, and are apparently designed with the gamer’s comfort in mind.

Not only are these controllers shaped like those of the GameCube, but there’s also three designs that you can choose from.

Available in red for Super Mario, black for The Legend of Zelda and yellow for Pikachu, these wired controllers are guaranteed to give you all the nostalgia you could ever need for your all-nighters on the Nintendo Switch.

Whichever you end up going up, they all connect to the Nintendo Switch with a USB cable and you’ll even have the ability to reassign some of the buttons, including the L/R and ZL/ZR triggers, ensuring you have a controller that suits your play style.

Now the downside to these controllers is that, coming from Hori, the controllers aren’t official Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers, so they don’t have any of the Switch’s extra features, including the IR camera, acceleration sensor, HD rumble, NFC reader or gyro sensor. 

This is pretty standard fare for any third-party Nintendo Switch controller though, so it’s not too much of a downgrade from other controllers you can currently find on the market. 

Another bonus of these show-stopping GameCube-inspired beauties is their price tag, as each controller will set you back around £22/$29 – much cheaper than many of the alternatives that are available when it comes to extra game controllers!

Although there’s no set release date for the controllers, we can expect to see them popping up sometime in October this year. 

Which is your favourite, and will you be living out the nostalgia of GameCube gaming with one of these bad boys?