Minecraft Is The Biggest-Selling Video Game Ever (Sort Of)

Mojang’s Minecraft has almost always been one of the biggest-selling games of all time, but now it’s emerged that it’s probably THE biggest.

Minecraft’s creative director Saxs Persson recently took to Microsoft’s official website to post about the game’s success, revealing some seriously impressive facts about the game [via Eurogamer].

Credit: Mojang

Not only has Minecraft been sold in almost every country in the world and on almost every platform in existence (barring the SouljaBoy console, lol), but it’s actually sold an eye-watering 176 million copies since November 2011.

Unfortunately for Mojang, we can’t quite confirm whether or not it really is the best-selling game of all time thanks to that other famous block game, Tetris.

Credit: Mojang

Tetris‘ sales numbers are unknown, with estimations ranging from 170 million copies to 425 million, which is a pretty huge gap.

So, because of that fact, we’ll say Minecraft is the biggest-selling video game with a provable sales record of all time. Bit of a mouthful though, really.

The game, which started in its first form a decade ago, has recently sold 20 million copies in just seven months, showing that there’s no end of the line for one of the most creative games out there.

Credit: Mojang

The next biggest-selling video game with a provable sales record of all time is Grand Theft Auto 5, which has around 110 million sales and still appears in PlayStation’s weekly sales charts, despite now being nearly six years old.

No other games have broken 100 million units sold.

Credit: Mojang

For Minecraft‘s 10th birthday, which is being celebrated this month, Mojang’s gone all out to make the occasion something really special for its millions (and millions) of players.

Alongside a huge and free new update (the largest the game’s ever gotten), Mojang has also blessed us with the gift of nostalgia – by offering up the 2009 version of Minecraftplayable for free in your web browser.

Now, the big thing with Minecraft Classic is that it hasn’t really aged all that well…

Credit: Mojang

If you decide to give it a play, you’ll see just how basic the 2009 version was. Also, there’s just 32 blocks to choose from, which means you’ll have to be extra creative if you’re building.

Featured Image Credit: Mojang