Mixer’s CEO Speaks Confidently About Mixer Becoming As Big As Twitch

Mixer has been up and running for a while now, but it didn’t really seem to be making any waves until it was revealed that Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins would soon be exclusively streaming on the Microsoft platform.

Since the announcement, Mixer has been the word on everyone’s lips, with thousands already following Ninja’s steps and migrating to the streaming platform.

Credit: Ninja

Twitch, the current reigning supreme of livestreaming, must definitely be feeling the effects of Mixer now, and Mixer’s CEO is confident this is just the beginning.

In a stream which was shared to Reddit, Mixer’s CEO Matt Salsamendi weighed in on what makes the platform better than Twitch, and he actually talks a lot of sense.

Credit: Microsoft/Mixer

“Twitch has struggled with enforcement for a long time. One thing we did early on was make our rules of conduct as clear and objective as possible,” he said.”¬†You know if you’re doing something right or wrong, there’s not really a grey area.”

Salsamendi also touched on a lot of issues that have been bothering Twitch streamers and viewers for a long time, including the tech behind the process.

On Reddit, viewers are tentatively hopeful of Mixer and its ambitious CEO.

Credit: Microsoft/Mixer

“Having a CEO that actually streams & understands ‘streamer culture’ could be huge,” commented one Redditor.

Another said: “Yesterday when I hopped into Ninjas stream just to check out Mixer in general there was a whole lot of staff online and commenting so it seems like there will be more activity from their staff and it will be cool to see how their platform grows in comparison to twitch.”

Have you tried out Mixer yet?

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft/Mixer