Mizkif Reveals How Pokimane’s Advice Helped Him With The ‘Stress’ Of Streaming

Twitch streamer and Youtuber Mizkif has recently spoken out about how Pokimane helped him deal with the stress of internet fame. 

Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo is known for being one of the most-known streamers on Twitch as well as being the co-owner of gaming organisation One True King (OTK). When he isn’t streaming, he is posting to his Youtube channel which currently hosts over 900k subscribers. 

With a massive online following, Mizkif seems to be living the dream but he has recently revealed that it isn’t as easy as it seems. Luckily, he had Pokimane on hand to dish out some advice. 

Mizkif says he is “stressed and annoyed”

This news comes courtesy of a short Q&A video posted to Mizkif’s channel on May 22 (thanks Dexerto). It was in this video that he revealed the stress that comes with entertaining a large number of people.

“There’s a lot of stress that goes along with being a streamer, and the whole saying, ‘more money, more problems’ is true,” he claims. “As I grew OTK, as I grew more employees, it gets very stressful having a lot of people rely on you.”

He discusses how dealing with mean comments, running a business and having to provide regular content is taking its toll. 

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YouTube video

Pokimane’s advice

Luckily, he found solace in the words of fellow internet personality, Pokimane. It is no secret that she would understand how Mizkif feels considering she currently sits at a whopping 9.3 million followers on Twitch.

For her, she gave him advice on one of the biggest parts of being a streamer – the public scrutiny. 

“It’s very hard to really feel your self-worth at all,” Mizkif says. “And that whirlwind of up-and-down gets very exhausting. I actually talked to Poki about this and she told me, she’s like, ‘Miz, it’s a shield you build up over time and there’s no way to stop it.’ And she’s right.”

“I’ve built up a really solid shield to not care as much about negative comments, because you start to realize who you are. And I know who I am.”

Screenshot of internet personality Pokimane who recently gave advice to fellow streamer Mizkif about the stresses of streaming
Credit: Pokimane

It was this advice that has perhaps spurred him to consider other options in his career. He reveals that he would like to create a podcast and move to Los Angeles to be closer to other streamers. Overall, he admits feeling “stressed and annoyed” with streaming. 

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