Modders Get The Witcher 3 On Switch To Run At 60 FPS

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was rumoured to be heading to the Nintendo Switch for a while, but people were seriously doubtful that the console had the horsepower to run such a huge game (plus all of its additional content and DLC).

However, the Switch proved everyone wrong when the game was released earlier this month by managing to do a really decent job of handling the game. The iconic title has seen some downscaling, though gamers have now found a way to truly unleash the console’s full potential.

Credit: CD Projekt Red

As shared to Reddit’s r/games forum by a user named NYstate, modders have discovered a way to unlock not only 60 frames-per-second on the Switch version of The Witcher 3, but also how to tweak the Dynamic Resolution for the best possible experience.

A post on the GBATemp forums by file digger masagrator gives clear instructions on how to unlock the best possible experience from the cartridge, writing: “This thread will include IPS patch for unlocking 60 FPS and how to change Dynamic Resolution values. Thanks to triple buffer 60 FPS drops are not that frustrating as f.e. in Link’s Awakening.
It was confirmed working for PL [010039400E8D6000] and EU [01003D100E9C6000] releases.”

Credit: CD Projekt Red

You can check out the full post, including all downloads and instructions to make it work, right here.

If you haven’t yet picked up The Witcher 3 for the Nintendo Switch then it might be worth adding to your Christmas list.

Credit: CD Projekt Red

Against all odds, the eeny-weeny cartridge definitely packs a surprisingly impressive punch. Containing over 150 hours of gameplay which comprises of the main game and all the DLC it has ever gotten, The Witch 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition is a worthwhile purchase for even seasoned fans of the game.

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I mean, it’s The Witcher on the go…what more do you need?

Featured Image Credit: CD Projekt Red