Modern Warfare Player Appeals To Activision Because Friends ‘Wont Play Them’

Better with friends.

Credit: Activision

Everyone knows that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is better played with your pals, but for one gamer, it’s Activision and Infinity Ward that are making this harder than it needs to be.

Over on Reddit, a user by the name of Emiliobw99 shared details of their experience with the game in a post entitled “My friends won’t play with me.”

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In the post, Emiliobw99 writes: “I’m a ‘good’ player, 2.6 K/D. I never play the game alone, only with my friends.

Credit: Activision

“But nowadays they have stopped inviting me to the game, they doesn’t even tell me on snap that they are playing. I asked them and they said ‘Cause when we play with you, the game sucks. When we play alone we do good, with you, we just dying over and over again,’

“SBMM is not only killing the game, but also friendship. For fun sake Activision, make one CASUAL Playlist WITHOUT SBMM, for people who just wanna play the game for fun, can’t stand this game anymore. Thx”


Responses to Emiliobw99’s claims are mixed, with some people agreeing with the player’s point and also expressing similar stories. One user said in the comments: “Feel you me and my friends could not play together anymore. We just quit and started playing other games.”

Credit: Activision

Another said: “I have around 1,5 [K/D] with all my friends around 0,8-1,0 and they dont even wanna play with me”

However, lots of people responded saying this isn’t an issue with the game, and is instead a problem with the player’s gameplay style.

“Paying more attention to what attachments you’re rocking with, using guns that fit your play style or adjusting your play style per map/mode,” advised one Redditor. “Like when using an AR, you mostly want long range fights, so running and gunning would be asking for deaths. Being realistic with your streaks or using kill chain helps too. Like a precision airstrike or cluster while still playing smart can earn you any helo or white phosphorus, then giving you a chopper/ac-130/jug.”

Credit: Activision

Interestingly, one comment on the thread claims that “if you play with a group of people that have lower KD than yours, the algorithm of SBMM will match your group in a lobby with an average between all of the KDs that the group have.”

The user, KaiDynasty, give the following example: “Example: identify skill level from 1 to 10 points.

“Let’s suppose members of the group have 3 points as skill, you are 7. The algorithm doesn’t put the group in a lobby of skill level = 7, but it’s a sort of average between the values (4,3 in this case or something similar).

Credit: Activision

“At the end of the day, the skilled player will always be pretty much in lobbies that are easier for him, while the others will be put in a lobby with a skill higher than theirs.”

Whether or not the complaint is something Activision (or, more accurately, Infinity Ward) will be addressing remains to be seen.

Have you experienced any similar problems with your pals in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

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