More gamers main on PlayStation 5 than Xbox Series X

Apparently, 71% of gamers main on Sony’s PlayStation 5, compared to just 48% on Microsoft’s Xbox Series X.

As reported by VGC, data gathered by Ampere Analysis claims that 71% of gamers in its study had the disc version of the PS5 as their main console. Furthermore, the data also stated that 43% of gamers own the PS5 Digital Edition as their main console.

Is Xbox Series X playing catch-up to PlayStation 5?

The study revealed that 48% of gamers main on the Xbox Series X and 35% for the Series S. What’s more, 49% main on the Nintendo Switch.

Interestingly, the data reveals that more gamers in the study apparently consider their PS4 to be their main choice over any current Xbox or Nintendo console.

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Credit: Sony

Ampere Analysis believes that a possible reason why more gamers consider the PlayStation 5 to be their main console is that: “PS5 owners are more likely to be single console owners”. However, despite the data gathered, that is merely an educated guess, rather than a fact.

However, Ampere Analysis adds that despite the greater of console owners seemingly choosing PS5: “this does not fully explain the disparity in this measure between the PS5 disc-based version and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, its key competitor on the market, having launched at the same time.

Can Xbox claw back those numbers?

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Credit: Microsoft

There’s little doubt that PlayStation is this generation’s market leader. According to a Wiki entry, the PS5 has sold over 30 million units worldwide, as of January 2023. Whereas the Xbox Series X|S has sold 14.6 million units worldwide as of June 2022.

Moreover, even Microsoft’s most recent admission, says that Sony’s PlayStation 5 has better exclusives. However, with the likes of Starfield and Redfall and more arriving in 2023, this year promises to be a big one for Xbox owners.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony/Microsoft/Source: VGC via Ampere Analysis