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Mortal Kombat Movie Writer Says Series Has ‘Never Looked This Good’

Mortal Kombat is the next game in line to get the silver screen treatment (sorry, Uncharted), and according to the movie’s writer, it’s looking like MK fans will have a real treat in store for them.

The movie’s writer, Greg Russo, recently took to Twitter to share an update on production, admitting that this is the “best that Mortal Kombat has ever looked.”

Credit: NetherRealm Studios

Responding to a complaint about the movie from a fan who wants to see a feature made of high-quality game cutscenes, Russo said: “[The movie is] Already done…Cutscenes? Forget cutscenes, my man. MK has never looked this good.”


 Sounds good if you ask me!

The Mortal Kombat movie is expected to release in theatres January 15, 2021, but as game delays and movie delays are rife thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, this might be pushed back.

The seemingly doomed-to-fail Uncharted movie’s production has been halted due to COVID-19. It’s already been a rocky road for the project, which has been trying to get off the ground for over a decade. Even though mega stars Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg are signed on to star in the flick, it’s already seen six directors come and go.

Credit: Naughty Dog

As reported by Variety last month, production on the Uncharted picture has now ceased amidst concerns over the pandemic, and will be stopping for a whole six week.

Since the time of announcement, the global outbreak has worsened, so it’s likely the break will be lasting a whole lot longer than six weeks…

At this time it’s not clear if this will affect the planned release date of March 5, 2021.

Credit: Netflix

The Uncharted movie is just one of the many shows and movies that have halted production due to COVID-19. Netflix’s The Witcher has also come to a stop, and movies including Disney’s Mulan and A Quiet Place Part 2 have had their cinematic release dates pushed back.

Featured Image Credit: NetherRealm Studios