Mr And Mrs Ligma Take On Microsoft After Their Gamertags Get Changed

Ligma became the meme that nobody wanted, but nobody wanted it less than an Xbox user going by the name of, well, Ligma. 

Posting his story to Reddit, Ligma explained he’s: “has had this Xbox Live gamertag since sometime around the Halo 2 era of the OG Xbox.”  

Being proud of having a gamertag that didn’t include numbers or random punctuation, Ligma wrote: “I actually ‘invented’ the name with a character I created in Guild Wars, with a character named Ligma Rensin… 

“As I’ve been known by this name for quite some time, friends have purchased me custom painted controllers with my gamertag on it, which I’ve cherished throughout the years.” 

YouTube video

Unfortunately for Ligma, ligma became what it did and after being flooded with messages, Mr Ligma got: “the sad news that Xbox had received complains about [his] gamertag and have such forced [the] name to be changed.” 

What did the gamertag get changed to? AngryKitten1025. Because why not?

The story goes from bad to worse, as Ligma’s wife with the gamertag MrsLigma also had her name removed. 

The Reddit post quickly picked up steam and Ligma was approached by an Xbox rep who managed to not only get Ligma’s gamertag back, but also MrsLigma’s.  


Ligma updated his original post adding: “UPDATE 4: Major’s Revenge. The final update (hopefully). Mr. Nelson contacted me today saying that this issue has now been resolved and that MrsLigma now has her gamertag back as well!

“Thank you to Mr. Nelson and everyone at Xbox that looked into this for me. Thank you to Reddit and the various gaming news outlets that reported on this.

“Thank you to those who commented, sent messages, and tweeted about this to help out. I truly thought this would be seen by 3 folks and then discarded. Far better than getting the gamertags back are the amazing memories made from this weekend’s events.

“Until next time, Ligma.”

Read the hilarious post in full right here.