MultiVersus dethrones Elden Ring as best selling game in July

MultiVersus has managed to dethrone the immense Elden Ring as the best selling game last month.

According to a new report from NPD, the free-to-play fighting game is the highest grossing game for the month of July 2022. That means it beat out competition from Elden Ring, the biggest release of the year.

You might be wondering how that’s possible, as MultiVersus is free for everyone. Well, the game has in-game currency and different cosmetics for players to purchase. There’s also a Founder Pack offer which gives buyers character tickets so they can purchase more characters.

Credit: Warner Bros

These items are enough to push MultiVersus to the top of the list. It also has a very significant player base at the moment, with the promise of new characters keeping players interested for now. Morty from Rick and Morty is scheduled to be added this week on August 23rd.

A Crazy Crossover

MultiVersus brings together characters from all kinds of different Warner Bros-owned properties. Whether that’s Game of Thrones, Looney Tunes or DC, this game has a wide array of weird crossovers. You can fight Batman as the Iron Giant, or even play as LeBron James.

This weird roster clearly piqued players interest, as it’s managing to retain around 40,000 players on Steam each day. And they’re clearing spending a lot, as it’s beating out full price titles in sales.

Meanwhile, Elden Ring is still proving to be a colossal success half a year on from its release. The game is FromSoftware’s biggest game yet, and somewhat of a successor to their Dark Souls series of games. It lets players loose in a true open world where you’re able to explore and discover all kinds of locations and enemies to fight.

Elden Ring may have been beaten in sales for now, but I’m pretty sure Bandai Namco won’t be too upset with how the game is still performing.

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Source: NME