Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero tops the box office

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has managed to top the box office, beating out competition from other big movies.

It’s unusual for an anime movie to take the top spot at the box office. But Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has vastly outperformed expectations, raking in millions in its first weekend.

The movie earned $10.7 million on its opening day, which was an improvement over the previous Dragon Ball movie’s performance. Dragon Ball Super: Broly from 2019 managed to pull in $9.8 million, but that was for the entire opening weekend. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero made around $21 million from its first weekend, a huge improvement.

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It beat out competition from the other big release that weekend. Beast, starring Idris Elba, was the only other new release from a major movie studio. But that movie managed to rake in $10.1 million over the weekend, not quite reaching the success level of Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball’s super weekend

August is generally a slow month for movies. That could be why so few releases have been coming out, and why Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was able to do as well as it did. Whether that’s true or not, it’s still a significant achievement for the movie.

Anime movies have typically seen middling success in cinemas. While they can find success, they’re often not leading the box office. Films which do tend to outperform expectations, and they’re a lot rarer.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero follows Gohan and Piccolo as they fight against the Red Ribbon Army, a famous group of Dragon Ball villains. It has already been out in Japan for a few months, but now it’s available to watch in over 3000 other locations.

Other films which have seen success last weekend include the new Brad Pitt film Bullet Train, animation DC League of Super-Pets, and the hugely successful Top Gun: Maverick.

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