MultiVersus player count has significantly dropped since launch

MultiVersus player count has taken a massive drop by 99% since the free-to-play Super Smash Bros-inspired brawler launched in July 2022.

When MultiVersus was released, it was the talk of the town. A multiplayer brawler that brought together characters from DC, Game of Thrones, Adventure Time, Scooby-Doo and more.

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MultiVersus has suffered a massive player count drop

During its highest peak on Steam, MultiVersus reached a height of 153,433 concurrent players. Sadly, as reported by VGC, that concurrent player number has dropped dramatically.

At the time of writing, according to SteamDB, MultiVersus’s 24-hour peak is just 1,114. However, its player engagement right now makes for further depressing reading with just 486 concurrent players.

multiversus player count drop
Credit: WB Games/PlayerFirst Games

These woeful player numbers are a far cry from the figures that were boasted in August 2022 with over 10 million players across all formats. Speaking of which, while we can only account for PC players in this article, it’s likely that player numbers would have dropped on consoles too.

MultiVersus season 2 has been a disappointment

It’s a shame that MultiVersus has seen such a dramatic drop in players and we can only speculate as to the reason why. However, as VGC also reports, during the game’s first season which ran from August to late October 2022, the game introduced five new characters. 

Credit: WB Games/PlayerFirst Games

During its second season which started in November 2022, the game has seen just one new character. That single character is Marvin the Martian, three months ago. So I suppose, it’s easy to see why that might be a reason for the drastic player drop.

If you were hoping for more characters during season two, think again. Season 3 was supposed to begin this week until developer PlayerFirst Games delayed the season until 31st March. So you’ll just have to make do with Marvin for the time being.

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Featured Image Credit: WB Games/PlayerFirst Games/Source: VGC