Mum Encourages 15 Year Old To Quit School And Play Fortnite

Please don’t do this.

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If the odds are in your favour you might have a chance at making it big as an esports pro or gaming livestreamer, but it’s actually a lot more difficult than you might think.

Unfortunately for those aspiring to make a career for themselves out of gaming, it’s a really tough road, and you not only have to be skilled, you also have to personable, a social media mogul and you have to know business.

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If you’re a 15-year-old Fortnite fan who dreams of making it big, probably don’t drop out of school to play, because that’s really, really dumb…unless you’re Benjyfishy.

British Fortnite-loving teen, Benjy Fish, has said goodbye to his education to focus on his gaming career.

Benjy, known online as Benjyfishy, is already something of a pro gamer despite his young age, and was encouraged by him mum and manager to ditch school to take on Fortnite full-time [via TheGamer].


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Although Benjyfishy does follow a homeschooling program, it’s clear where his focus truly is, as the teen has already raked in over $30,000 from the game.

Even though he’s not even old enough to drink, Benjy is already a member of the NRG eSports organisation.

He also qualified for both the Solo and Duos Fortnite World Cup finals, and is currently ranked as one of the best players in the world.

Credit: Epic Games

He’s got his sights set on six-figure sums if he plays his cards (or Fortnite) right, so if you’re into your esports Benjy is definitely a horse to bet your money in.

Credit: Epic Games

If you’re not a professional gamer, please don’t drop out of school – even if your mum says it’s okay.

It’s a tough world out there – good luck to you, Benjyfishy!

Featured Image Credit: Epic Games

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