Netflix Will Begin Cracking Down On Customers Who Share Passwords

We all know that brave person who takes one for the team and stumps up for the monthly price of Netflix. I can’t possibly condone this kind of behaviour (insert side-eye emoji here) and it seems neither can Netflix.

Netflix isn’t exactly the most expensive, but that doesn’t mean we want to stump up for multiple accounts per household when you can just piggyback your brother’s. For as long as we can remember, Netflix has been trying to stop us sharing passwords with multiple people, but now, the powers that be are taking a huge step forward with the company’s biggest niggle.

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According to The Independent, Netflix is showcasing a stern stance on shared passwords. The issue was raised during Netflix’s Q3 2019 earnings interviews and led to a pretty definitive response. Greg Peters, Netflix’s chief product officer said, “We continue to monitor it so we’re looking at the situation. We’ll see those consumer-friendly ways to push on the edges of that.”

Peters added how he wants to address the issue without “alienating a certain portion of [its] user base”. Even though Netflix already allows you add a certain number of profiles to a single account, sharing passwords takes it up a notch.

The site explains how 35% millennials share their streaming service passwords, 19% of Generation Xers, and 13% of Baby Boomers. Although Peter said he didn’t have “big plans” to announce immediately, he teased that change is on the horizon.

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If you struggle to choose what to watch on Netflix, one site is helping alleviate those struggles. Reelgood lets users pick a genre, whether they want a movie or show and a minimum rating from both IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes.

The website wants to get rid of these struggles by randomly generating your next binge-watch. Perfect as we approach the colder months of the year, where we want nothing more than to finish work and plant ourselves in front of the screen.

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According to Plusnet streaming actually increased by 87% in September compared to the summer average. Unsurprisingly the most popular day for streaming each week is Sunday, blame the hangover.

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As Disney+ waits in the wings and hopes to topple Netflix from the top, this password predicament couldn’t come at a worse time. With the House of Mouse offering everything from The Nightmare Before Christmas to X-Men: The Animated Series, new shows like The Mandalorian to the entire back catalogue of the MCU, Netflix already has its work cut out to keep us parting with our cash.

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