New Banjo-Kazooie Or Conker Rumoured For E3 2019

Remember Banjo-Kazooie? Or Conker? You really should do, because they’re two of the greatest characters from the Nintendo 64 era, although they’ve been sadly absent from games for a good few years now thanks to some issues with the IP.

Credit: Rare

However, that might all be about to change, as there’s reason to believe a new Banjo or Conker game could be announced at E3 2019.

Rare has invited UK/Hong Kong-based toy company First 4 Figures to Microsoft’s E3 conference, which seems a little…telling.

Responding to a tweet about the news, one user said: “New Banjo Kazooie or Conker game to be revealed at Microsoft’s E3 2019 briefing? First 4 Figures has been invited by Rare to attend the conference, they recently made statues for both Conker and Banjo. #E32019

Credit: Rare

First 4 Figures recently released collectible statues for both Banjo and Conker, but why would Rare want them to be at Microsoft’s conference?

Although it could be likely that Rare is just being nice by inviting the toy and figure company to the event, that doesn’t seem to make too much sense. If that’s the case then why is it Rare inviting them, and not Microsoft?

Something fishy’s going on here, and I’m seriously hoping it’s a bear-shaped fish…Or a foul-mouthed squirrel-shaped fish.

Credit: Rare

Of course, Banjo is a fan-favourite choice to be added into the roster for the Nintendo Switch’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Although it’s highly unlikely that this is what’s going to go down at E3 (because why would Rare be at a Microsoft conference if so?), it doesn’t stop the internet from hoping that the reveal is on the horizon.

Would you like to see a revival of Rare’s Conker or Banjo-Kazooie, and when will we get a remake of Diddy Kong Racing?!

Featured Image Credit: Rare

Source: ResetERA