A grim Game Boy adventure!

A New Game Boy Color Horror Game Is Releasing This Year

Nintendo officially stopped releasing new titles for the Game Boy Color back in 2003. But for fans of retro gaming, Incube8 Games has the answer to your prayers! Their new physical Game Boy Color game, Pine Creek, is available for pre-orders now.

Pine Creek Game Boy
Credit: Carmelo Electronics.

Developed by Carmello Electronics, this new Game Boy Color Game is a mystery adventure with a familiar, Pokemon-Esque aesthetic. However, unlike Game Freak’s cutesy 8-bit RPG, Pine Creek has a self-rating of 18+. We don’t want to spoil it for you, but the plot features rituals, murder and the occult. Here’s the back of the box synopsis for the game:

“In Pine Creek, the disappearance of a young girl in the previously quiet small town of Pine Creek raises the popular belief that a cult is behind the crime and many other ritual killings before her. Her best friend will do his best to solve why, how, and who is behind it.”


What’s Pine Creek About?

Pine Creek for Game Boy
Credit: Carmelo Electronics

If you’re a sucker for physical games, you’ll be pleased to know that Pine Creek is getting a physical release. Produced by Spacebot Interactive, the physical package will include a black Game Boy cartridge, a protector case and a game manual. There’s also a limited collector’s edition, which comes with the following extras:

  • Genesis stickers sheet
  • Game soundtrack on CD and digital download
  • Pine Creek enameled pin
  • Game poster
  • Numbered certificate of authenticity
  • Limited to 200 numbered copies

If you’re a fan of freaky 8-bit horror games, you should definitely give Pine Creek a go. While the fact the game is available physically for the original Game Boy is a big selling point, it’s also complete free to play on the game’s itch.io website!

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Featured Image Credit: Carmelo Electronics