New Games Entertainment & News Network Aims To Be The ‘MTV Of Gaming’

The channel will focus on esports.

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Twitch and YouTube are the go-to places for current video game news and gameplay, once you’re logged in who you watch is totally down to you. Unlike television networks, YouTube and Twitch give you the power to find your own content and watch until your heart’s content. Until now.

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Enter the newly-announced Video Game Entertainment & News Network (VENN), which is hoping to becoming “the MTV of gaming” [via Forbes].

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Due to launch next year, VENN will bring together some of the biggest names and faces in the world of esports and gaming, offering up round-the-clock entertainment, 24/7.

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Primarily focusing on using Twitch and YouTube for the network, VENN is promising over 55 hours of original gaming content a week, including reality series and documentaries, which actually sounds pretty good to me.

VENN has reportedly managed to snag a huge $17 million in funding, and it’s not that surprising when you see who’s involved…


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VENN has been founded by Ben Kusin who you might know as being the former head of Riot Games’ esports productions. Those who’ve helped to fund the project include Riot Games co-founder Marc Merril, Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, Blizzard co-founder Mike Morhaime and the owners of one of the most valuable esports team in the world, Team Liquid.

“There’s a huge chasm between Twitch and YouTube and ABC, ESPN, Turner and those kinds of networks,” Kusin explained to Forbes. “And we want to fill that space.”

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You couldn’t really get a better lineup for a new gaming network and it’ll definitely be interesting to see how VENN will impact the way the video game – and esports – industries stand at the moment.

Hopefully we’ll hear more about VENN and its plans in the coming months. Will you be tuning in to the network?

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