It's not what Rockstar intended.

New GTA: San Andreas Tricks Shaves Three Hours Off Completion Time

Speedrunning is almost an art within the gaming community, and even when you think that the best record possible has been uncovered, someone comes along and discovers something new.

That’s just what’s happened with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas which previously had a speedrun time of almost four hours. Thanks to a newly-discovered trick, that time has been absolutely obliterated, with a speedrun record now sitting at less than 30 minutes!

Credit: Rockstar Games

The trick has been dubbed the “Arbitrary Jump In Skip,” and is only achievable on the Windows Store version of GTA: San Andreas [via Kotaku].

Performing Arbitrary Jump In Skip allows players to skip slap-bang in the middle of the end of San Andreas, but you’ll need to follow several pretty tricky steps to get it done right.

Credit: Rockstar Games

The achievement was recently shared to Reddit by user Powdinet, who explains just how you can attempt the feat for yourself (be warned, there’s a LOT to this).

The speedrunner explains: “Four years ago, a glitch that came to be known as Script Stack Underflow was found in GTA Vice City, and with this strat the time quickly went from the 50 minute range to an 8 minute run. At the time, some people wondered if a similar skip could be found in San Andreas.

“It has happened. It isn’t SSU, but the distinction is not relevant for now.

YouTube video

“The short story is that starting Vigilante during a certain part of the mission Ryder makes the game jump to an arbitrary line of script (.scm) code, depending on a variable that is linked to the time since the game started. With the ability to execute any line of script code, we can warp to any mission we want.”

Credit: Rockstar Games

Check out the Reddit post in full right here, or check out the video above to see it all in action!

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games