New LEGO Mario Sets Teased In Toy Retailer Online Listing

If a new listing is to be believed, then more LEGO Mario sets might be on the way, including another expensive one.

As spotted by VGC, toy retailer Eugene Toy & Hobby and a variety of listings to do with LEGO Mario sets under the code name ‘leaf’. The listings have all been removed now, but they are mostly believed to be more LEGO Mario sets. They seem to have a range of prices, from as cheap as $9.99 (£7.34), to $59.99 (£44.09). 

The most expensive set sits at $229.99 (£168), leading fans wondering what such an expensive set could be. So far, there have been two big LEGO Mario sets. One is the old TV which you can ‘play’ Super Mario Bros. on, which is paired with a NES. And the other was the very fun question block set, which is based on Super Mario 64.

Credit: LEGO/ Nintendo

This isn’t the first time these sets have been found either. As last year German LEGO fansite Promobricks posted a listing of the upcoming sets, with the same serial number and price points.

According to Promobricks, the first eight sets listed should be released on August 1. The expensive set, which apparently has an 18+ rating, will be released on October 1. If you’re not familiar with LEGO age ratings, they’re more to do with the complexity of the set than anything else. So the expensive set will likely be as intricate as the previous two big sets.

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Featured Image Credit: LEGO/ Nintendo