This Skyrim Mod Brings A Sci-Fi Cyberpunk City To Explore

A Skyrim mod has introduced a sci-fi inspired Cyberpunk city to the fantasy world of dragons, mages, and other mythical tales.

The mod in question is called Fort Knox and is created by Ripcat. As reported by PC Gamer, the mod brings neon lights, tall skyscrapers, an industrial district and even the seedy underworld of drugs and firearms. Oh, and strip clubs with robots. Obviously. There are five areas in total to explore, complete with wandering NPCs and folk drinking at the bar.

skyrim cyberpunk mod
Credit: Bethesda/Ripcat

The Fort Knox mod is playable with the Skyrim Special Edition and the dystopian city looks incredible, to say the least. Certainly not what you would expect to see in the world of Skyrim. Unfortunately, at this time, there are no quests in Fort Knox, but maybe that could be something that can be added at a later date?

Cybernetics and Dragons? We’d love to see that!

According to PC Gamer, to visit the cyberpunk city, players will need to: “use a new spell called Log Out, which is added to your spellbook once Fort Knox is installed.

Once cast, players, find themselves in a VR room where they’ve been playing Skyrim, and they log out of this and walk into the “real world”, although players find themselves still looking like their Skyrim character unless they head to a shop to update their gear.

skyrim cyberpunk mod
Credit: Bethesda/Ripcat

If you want to try out the Fort Knox mod for yourself, then you can download it now via Nexusmods. Will you be trying out the Skyrim cyberpunk mod? Let us know across our social media channels.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is out now for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and even your battery-powered back scratcher, maybe?

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Featured Image Credit: Bethesda/CD Projekt Red