Keep it coming, Activision.

New Maps And Mode Released For Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Today

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare may have been out for less than a month but we’re already being treated to our first batch of new content for the game, courtesy of Activision and Infinity Ward.

Announcing the news over on Twitter, the official Call of Duty account writes that free maps, plus the Hardpoint mode, will be coming to the game as of today’s date (11/8).

The new multiplayer map is Shoot House, the new Ground War Map is Krovnik Farmland, and of course, there’s Hardpoint.


This is set to be the first load of content of many, as it seems as though a whole load of maps have been spotted in the game files for CoD.

As shared to the Modern Warfare subreddit, a user by the name of Senescallo has seemingly discovered 38 brand new maps in the game files, including “Exclusion Zone, Shipment, Smetna Farms, and more.”

Credit: Activision

In the very detailed post, the user goes on to share some details about the maps, and writes that the following maps will be 6v6 and 10v10:

  • Aniyah Tac (mp_aniyah_tac)
  • Crash (mp_crash2)
  • Dam (mp_dam)
  • Krovnik Farmland (mp_farms2)
  • Gulag (mp_gulag)
  • Hospital (mp_hospital)
  • Layover (mp_layover)
  • Lowline (mp_lowline)
  • Lumber (mp_lumber)
  • Malyshev (mp_malyshev)
  • Milbase (mp_millbase)
  • Oasis (mp_oasis)
  • Port (mp_port2)
  • Prison (mp_prison)
  • Rivne (mp_rivne)
  • Shipment (mp_shipment)
  • Shipmight (Day) (mp_shipment_am)
  • Shipment (Night) (mp_shipment_pm)
  • Slums (mp_slums)
  • Stadium (mp_stadium)
  • Sub Base (mp_subbase_lm)
  • Super (mp_super)
  • Urzikstan (mp_syrkistan)
  • Torez (mp_torez)
  • Transit (mp_transit)
  • TV Station (mp_tvstation)

The user also shares a few images, including one of the Exclusion Zone and Shoot House. I recommend checking out the Reddit post in full right here.

Credit: Activision

As Activision and Infinity Ward busy themselves with various bug fixes, patches and new content, it’s not clear when these maps will be entering the field – if they ever actually do.

Still, today’s free offerings should at least keep you busy for the weekend!

Credit: Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available now on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Featured Image Credit: Activision