New Mass Effect Infographic Reveals Legendary Edition Player Choices

Bioware has released a new infographic that details the various choices made by players through Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Brace yourself, as some of these decisions may surprise you!

female shep
Credit: EA

Now, let’s start with the basics. According to the Infographic, 68 per cent of players opted to roleplay as a Male Shepard rather than FemShep. While this could indicate the amount of male Mass Effect players, there could also be some product placement psychology at play. I mean, the original games did feature male Sheppard on the box as the default protagonist, so perhaps that has rubbed off on some players over time.

When it comes to player choices within the game, things start to get interesting. For a start, 60 per cent of players chose to rescue Ashley on Virmire, while the character Wrex survived the mission 94 per cent of the time. This means that for six per cent of players out there, Wrex’s journey actually ended on Virmire. Shocked? Well, it gets better, as four per cent of players chose to exile Tali, who just so happens to be the first game’s second most popular companion.

There are tons of other player statistics on the Infographic. So, if you fancy comparing your own choices to the rest of the game’s player base, you should head over to the Mass Effect Twitter account. While you’re there, you might want to have a look at some of the tweet’s replies, as some of the reactions are pretty amusing.

What do you make of Bioware’s Mass Effect infographic? Let us know on our social media channels!

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Featured Image Credit: Bioware